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Meet the AquaMortar family :3

Parents Aqua Wave Mortar, Mud Mortar, and their child Spring Droplet :3

Aqua Wave works as staff at a popular water park in Manehatten, helping with making sure the park functions properly and  to ensure the staff and visitors are safe. She gets very worried and nervous a lot, so she often needs to have some pony to calm her down (And a paper bag to breath in XD)
She also enjoys swimming as well, and likes to help give swimming lesson when not on duty.

Mud Mortar is a construction worker, who mainly helps with rebuilding old houses. He also gives his best at a job and is always on schedule (If he ever done a job that went over schedule, he’d never live with himself XD)
He and Aqua Wave actually met up when he and his crew where helping making extensions to the park, bumping into each other (literally) at a chance meeting.
Soon they became friends and then after a few months, they started dating, before finally marrying each other a few years later, and giving birth to Droplet :3

Droplet mostly has the house to himself most of the time due to his parents bus work schedules (his parents do love him, it’s just that their jobs are very demanding).He wishes that his parents can settle down sometime and spend more time together.
He is also into swimming like his mother, and also wants to become a pro-swimmer when he’s older too.

safe (1442922)artist:bluedinoadopts (29)oc (531745)oc:aqua wave mortar (2)oc:mud mortar (2)oc only (367157)oc:spring droplet (2)earth pony (153165)pony (711148)aquamortar (2)blank flank (6289)blaze (coat marking) (637)clothes (360903)coat markings (547)colt (11404)family (3549)father and son (667)female (772943)freckles (20924)green background (1471)male (262283)mare (343366)mother and son (2173)oc x oc (11208)offspring (29115)parent:oc:aqua wave mortar (2)parent:oc:mud mortar (2)parents:aquamortar (2)parents:oc x oc (909)piercing (28819)shipping (166389)simple background (294630)snake bites (148)stallion (74643)straight (110687)sweater (11629)


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