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~ Nothing beats an afternoon fly


What’s going on everypony! Template here with another drawing for ya. Todays work, features out favorite muffin loving mare, Derpy! Join her on top her perch, take in the light breeze, the warm sun, and watch the birds fly high in the sky as you take it in, and relax.


This pic took a combined time of 20.5 hours to make (18.5 recorded / 2 hours extra not recorded).

This pic will also claim $28 over on my Patreon! Exciting stuff.

If you want to support me on my next drawing, then hit up the link below! It would be much appreciated <3


Patreon link;

YouTube Speed Paint; (In Source link)

Deviantart art link;

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Twitter art link;
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Thanks for all the kind words, and faves these past two days! This pic had under 50 likes before it was featured, and now it’s in the 900’s! This activity has giving me a nice confidence boost, and tells me that ponies do like these kind of arts I make. It’s made me glad that I’v made this, seeing how so many of you enjoy it <3

hopefully I can make more arts in the future, that you’ll also enjoy c:
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Background Pony #9136
Beautifully done. Does anyone else think a "scenery porn" tag would be appropriate?
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Comments36 comments posted