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Sweet Elis: Don’t move sweetie it’s almost done-
Violet Hope: I  want PLAAAAAY!!!
Sweet Elis: O.K. ! My little Princess, your mane is done!
Thinker Blue: Elis! ELIIS SAY SOMETHING !
Sweet Elis: Why, honey?
Thinker Blue: She’s a devil ! She destroys it all !
Violet Hope: Give me it !! daddy daddyyyy! Pleaaaaase
Thinker Blue: Elis!
Sweet Elis: Oh, kids…


Sweet Elis: Nehýb sa zlatíčko je to  skoro  hotové-
Violet Hope: Ja sa chcem HRAAAAŤ!!!
Sweet Elis: O.K. ! Moja malá Princezná, tvoja hriva je  hotová!
Thinker Blue: Elis! ELIIS POVEDZ NIEČO !
Sweet Elis: Prečo, miláčik?
Thinker Blue: Ona je  diabol !Zničí to  všetko !
Violet Hope: Daj mi to !! Ocko Ocinkooo! Prosiiiiiiiiiim
Thinker Blue: Elis!
Sweet Elis: Oh, deti…


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