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Well, here’s something I didn’t expect until it was shown to me but I was flattered nonetheless. My friend, Sparrow 9642, recently made a reading of my story, A Motherly Princess. For that, he commissioned UrbanQhoul to make this incredibly cute piece right here. On top of doing drill and ceremony with a broom in front of his future mother Celestia, Azure’s drawings of his dreams was an added bit of cuteness. Many thanks to Sparrow for the pic and its idea and to UrbanQhoul for making something beautiful.

You can watch the reading here.
safe (1425694)artist:urbanqhoul (125)princess celestia (83448)oc (523616)oc:azure glide (41)alicorn (162674)pegasus (187113)pony (691232)broom (1332)colt (11157)crayon drawing (188)cute (147931)cutelestia (2638)doorway (218)flowing mane (540)happy (23771)hat (64503)male (257003)momlestia (886)ocbetes (3280)paper hat (85)room (704)smiling (182600)traditional art (96183)


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