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If you are in Baltimore for some reason (👀), I have some nsfw Fluttershy/Flutterbat dakis with me, modified two way tricot, $90! DM me on @RatofDrawn

if you can meet up tonight or tomorrow and are interested! I'll give you a free lewd sticker too 💕
explicit355489 artist:ratofdrawn1128 fluttershy214832 bat pony50856 pegasus299796 pony986778 adorasexy9964 anatomically correct24317 anus98469 apple16506 bat ponified2751 bedroom eyes60267 body pillow3689 body pillow design2389 butt62140 clitoris27769 cute202830 cute porn6313 cutie mark48433 dock50855 duality4318 fangs26032 female1380894 floppy ears53199 flutterbat6885 flutterbutt5227 food71461 frog (hoof)13366 hoofbutt1341 lidded eyes31209 lip bite11803 looking at you172021 looking back58653 looking back at you15329 mare490706 nudity375793 plot80478 ponut44510 race swap14438 sexy30043 shyabetes14181 smiling254177 solo1077735 solo female181429 underhoof52840 vulva129939 vulvar winking12060


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Damn it, I wish I knew of this. I never got to go to the clop things that went on during Bronycon. I would love to have gotten this and whatever the sticker was.
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