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suggestive (111351)artist:ta-na (189)adagio dazzle (10922)aria blaze (8488)sonata dusk (11754)equestria girls (156885)adorasexy (7375)ariabetes (271)bangs (217)belly button (58753)bracelet (6501)breasts (198312)busty aria blaze (852)busty sonata dusk (1265)canterlot high (1986)choker (6972)cleavage (26854)clothes (349335)crossed arms (3359)cute (144520)dazzlebetes (42)duskabetes (5)eyeshadow (10139)female (743188)females only (8971)hand on hip (3535)hands on hip (124)high ponytail (13)jewelry (37590)makeup (13651)necklace (11936)no pants (136)panties (40942)pigtails (3136)ponytail (12885)scrunchie (242)sexy (17881)shorts (10098)sonatabetes (908)the dazzlings (3720)thong (4707)trio (5848)twintails (1066)underwear (48893)


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So does this count as an edit of an edit since it was based on

Either way, very nice.
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