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The Time-Stamp For This Scene Is 12:33 Just So That You Can Find It More Easy.
safe1584870 edit119433 edited screencap57172 screencap205982 sunset shimmer57433 equestria girls182700 equestria girls series29190 game stream556 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12142 code34 computer5661 cute180949 emoji825 eyelashes5023 female1184704 gamer sunset462 happy27989 one eye closed25975 open mouth125045 ponies the anthology vii31 projared6 proshimmer2 shimmerbetes3950 shimmercode76 smiling217773 solo981251 text51907 text edit1091 the matrix212 this didn't age well7 wink22011 woman413 written equestrian313


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