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Just an awesome idea that popped into my head.

Anyway, since LEGO has done Collectable Minifigure series of "The LEGO Movie" and "The Simpsons", maybe LEGO could do this depending if they make a agreement with Hasbro.

1) Twilight Sparkle with Book and Backpack

2) Rainbow Dash with Soccer Ball

3) Pinkie Pie with a pink balloon and Fall Formal Clipboard signup.

4) Rarity with Spike and Keyboard Guitar

5) Applejack with a bottle of apple cider

6) Fluttershy with a Canterlot Animal Shelter flyer and Angel.

7) Sunset Shimmer with the Fall Formal Crown

8) Vinyl Scratch with a boombox and neon light blue disc

9) Derpy with a muffin

10) Trixie with the $12000 red electric guitar  

11) Flash Sentry with red guitar

12) Big Mac with an apple

13) Snips with an blue Iphone

14) Snails with a green Iphone

15) Mystery Mint with backpack

16) Principle Celestia with microphone


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