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explicit446232 artist:crash9902234 oc902313 oc only657307 oc:delta vee626 pegasus458124 pony1448672 rcf community5562 afterglow1946 aftersex11720 anus128734 butt213339 clitoris38325 creampie42015 cum99762 cute252175 cute porn7100 dock66729 ear fluff46141 female1710533 high res93077 human vagina on pony8227 implied straight6278 looking back80677 mare684478 milf12563 nudity484178 plot132417 presenting32159 prone33146 solo1360668 solo female221769 spread legs27708 spreading28511 underhoof65625 vaginal secretions49952 vulva176508


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Background Pony #1603
@Background Pony #D0BC
Point is, this lacks context.
Yeah, I get that. It would be nice to know why she looks so surprised by that, or why it’s there in the first place.
Still, I also like it when we can fill in our own stories. I might have to do just that.
Background Pony #1603
She looks shocked by this, as though it spontaneously happened while she was just laying there “spread-eagle”. :P
Perhaps whoever did this told her they would pull out. That would explain the reaction.
Or maybe it did spontaneously happen, and somewhere else out there is a very soggy voodoo doll of her.
Background Pony #60A6
She looks kinda surprised. “Yes, Delta… semen comes out of penises, especially when they’re fucking you.” lol