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When Sonata found a magic monkey’s paw, she wished for 5 things: pretty outfits, big tits, big ass, for her sisters to have what she had, and to be super popular with the boys.
This is why you always save the last wish.
suggestive162035 artist:art-2u467 edit148127 editor:theabridgenator217 adagio dazzle14203 aria blaze10670 sonata dusk14613 equestria girls223872 rainbow rocks19000 arse-ia blaze345 ass60793 bedroom eyes67649 big breasts97481 bimbo5511 bimbo adagio92 bimbo aria62 bimbo dazzlings36 bimbo sonata68 breasts318958 busty adagio dazzle1842 busty aria blaze1250 busty dazzlings150 busty sonata dusk1994 butt142773 clothes524734 commission86996 curvy7765 female1516432 females only14341 hourglass figure1972 huge breasts45310 huge butt12013 human coloration5836 hyper12605 hyper breasts5560 impossibly large breasts19184 impossibly thin waist194 large butt21933 leggings2464 photoshop3853 pigtails5318 ponytail21172 prison922 spiked wristband1536 the dazzlings4804 thick5074 thighs18910 this will not end well1958 thunder thighs10762 trio13672 trio female2914 twintails1915 wide hips21536 wristband4197


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Background Pony #DB2B
Ese cuerpo es muy provocativo y putesco expresa sexo y lujuria nada más para las dazzlings ya que ellas se alimentan de magia pero también de energía sexual además el color de piel humano no está nada mal pero mejor esta el color de piel de equestria girls esa piel llama más la atención que este color de piel que le han pintado a los cuerpos lujuriosos de las dazzlings