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Look, AJ, like it or not, this is part of your lineage now.
safe (1426432)artist:sundown (1356)applejack (147530)human (130535)2 panel comic (632)annoyed (4314)apple (12890)applejack's hat (3784)comic (89322)cowboy hat (10449)female (758012)food (50949)freckles (20465)hat (64555)humanized (87954)looking at each other (12508)looking away (2832)male (257186)open mouth (103883)pear (447)spanish (3859)


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That's him, officer
Pretty sure this is the same guy that railed AJ here

That said, this is a funny and wholesome image
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Sundown drew Applejack with realistic proportions? What sorcery is this???

Don’t get too excited. We can’t see her bottom half in this comic.
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Background Pony #5EC6
"What do y’all think, which one do I remind ya more of?"

"Well, in this art style? This one."
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

"Curse you, moooooom! Curse these pear genes that flow through my veins!"

That was a joke, by the way. Don’t take it seriously. I love Pear Butter and AJ is one of my two favorite ponies.
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