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safe (1426282)screencap (174013)applejack (147498)fluttershy (183778)pinkie pie (188688)rainbow dash (203501)rarity (157281)spike (68279)twilight sparkle (259839)alicorn (162831)dragon (37463)earth pony (147557)pegasus (187254)pony (694299)the beginning of the end (1729)spoiler:s09e01 (1408)spoiler:s09e02 (1011)applejack's hat (3780)claws (3854)cowboy hat (10445)cutie mark (33823)eyes closed (67784)female (757919)hat (64545)male (257152)mane seven (4770)mane six (26349)mare (334023)tail (14709)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101671)winged spike (5452)wings (52712)


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