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safe (1430936)screencap (175111)princess celestia (83737)princess luna (88076)twilight sparkle (260893)alicorn (164030)pony (699541)the ending of the end (1324)leak (1088)spoiler:s09 (584)spoiler:s09e25 (1010)barrier (153)blast (392)canterlot (3975)canterlot castle (1268)ethereal mane (4714)eyes closed (68069)female (761500)final battle (37)flowing mane (548)force field (518)gritted teeth (9148)implied grogar (55)magic (57632)magic blast (771)mare (336130)raised hoof (32139)struggling (678)throne room (734)trio (6010)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102365)uselesstia (68)


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WE actually see a blast from chrysalis


It doesn’t look anything like grogars magic(from what we have seen at least) either, and some of the blasts(like this one) come from a great high, the only flightless villain who was so tall was tirek when he stole a lot of magic. Its either grogar became huge with the bell(or he stands on high ground) or its tirek(+cozy & Chrysalis) with the bell, these are my guesses.
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I love Dashie and Luna
What if grogar took chrysalis and tirek’s Magic? Now, he’s using it to take them out. As we don’t see TIREK, cozy glow, or chrysalis in the trailer. We see him teleport.
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