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Aria Blaze: "Don’t get all up in your feelings, Princess."
Sunset Shimmer: "Gaah! I hate it when you call me that."
Aria Blaze: *I know. Princess."
safe (1430054)screencap (174889)adagio dazzle (11028)aria blaze (8557)sonata dusk (11849)sunset shimmer (50702)equestria girls (159811)equestria girls series (23892)sunset's backstage pass! (883)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (8501)boots (16047)clothes (355966)converse (4466)cropped (34958)crossed arms (3472)dress (35062)female (760775)hand on hip (3594)high heel boots (4432)jacket (8775)legs (5203)outdoors (5761)pigtails (3210)ponytail (13184)quartet (324)shoes (24097)shorts (10290)smiling (183372)smirk (9267)sneakers (4181)socks (49169)spiked wristband (856)striped socks (16633)sunset shimmer is not amused (76)taco dress (77)the dazzlings (3755)tour bus (35)twintails (1103)unamused (11322)wristband (2429)

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