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So, I had this idea a while back and in June I decided to put it into action…..this is what I did.
I was working on this the month leading up to the ATG so I’ve been on a drawing spree :)
It contains a total of 73 ponies (please correct me if I’m wrong) and took me a month to complete.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it :)

(Bonus points if you can find my OC)
safe (1446533)artist:rainbowbacon1 (55)apple bloom (44119)applejack (149577)autumn blaze (2617)big macintosh (25503)bon bon (14794)bright mac (985)derpy hooves (46169)dj pon-3 (26863)doctor whooves (9606)fluttershy (186165)lyra heartstrings (26349)marble pie (5651)nurse redheart (3017)octavia melody (21155)pear butter (2065)pinkie pie (190957)princess cadance (28444)princess celestia (84454)princess luna (88762)rainbow dash (205993)rarity (159439)roseluck (4369)scootaloo (47025)starlight glimmer (38881)sugar belle (2426)sweetie belle (44328)sweetie drops (14783)time turner (9593)trixie (56860)twilight sparkle (263685)vinyl scratch (30957)oc (533518)oc:rainbowbacon (22)pony (714245)back to the future (366)baldi's basics in education and learning (37)bob ross (110)calvin and hobbes (99)deadpool (588)doctor who (2897)fringe (40)ghostbusters (280)gravity falls (1144)harry potter (605)hello (129)home alone (70)mane six (26930)mythbusters (51)nom (2652)pinkamena diane pie (17343)portal (valve) (1001)rick and morty (403)scout (1003)stan lee (36)stranger things (42)super mario bros. (3240)tardis (1264)team fortress 2 (5111)the phantom of the opera (2)the rocketeer (21)where's waldo (46)


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