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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:
The Sweet and Environmentally-Friendly Trixie is SOOO glad this wasteful dripping water is not used in vain and appreciates those firefighters for giving me a free shower after my septic tank in my trailer became backlogged!
CODE 5150, CODE 5150!! We got an unauthorized civvie half-naked within the restricted perimeter!!!
UHOH!!!! Time to bounce!! Looks like they’ve used up ALL their water reserves!!
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suggestive (116366)artist:meiyeezhu (295)trixie (57246)human (133280)anime (3785)bad anatomy (579)bikini (14036)breasts (211227)brick wall (324)broken glass (179)broken window (113)bucket (1886)burning (481)cleavage (27950)clothes (365780)comic (92196)debris (115)douchebag (80)dripping (3638)feather (4563)fire (8931)firefighter (127)firefighting (8)fire hydrant (43)hat (66965)high heels (8302)hose (1213)humanized (89157)looking up (12246)old master q (366)parody (14687)running (4757)selfish (9)shoes (25061)shower (2694)showering (173)sidewalk (170)sign (3255)skirt (32234)smiling (188362)smoke (1974)soaked (100)soap (546)stockings (25973)street (561)stripping (526)swimsuit (21406)thigh highs (24371)this will end in jail time (323)top hat (3323)water (10054)wet (6284)wet hair (581)


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