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Here goes a quick MNS sketch! Mr. Peace and Murky uwu #MyLittlePony #FoE #MLP #Fallout #Brony

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safe (1425346)artist:crimmharmony (138)oc (523458)oc:mister peace (3)oc:murky (200)oc only (363093)pegasus (187033)pony (688061)robot (6028)fallout equestria (13542)fallout equestria: murky number seven (247)bandage (4399)concerned (557)fanfic art (11319)helmet (8046)looking up (11835)monochrome (134279)pencil drawing (6497)photo (66345)rocket (652)rocket launcher (384)securitron (19)simple background (289893)sketch (53111)solo (873788)speech bubble (16583)traditional art (96156)white background (71917)


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