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This is my farewell piece to the mlp series. Simple, containing elements of where we met the characters way back ins season 1, to where we will leave them at the end. Been a fun ride…
safe1587173 artist:princrim44 applejack159917 fluttershy199815 pinkie pie204462 rainbow dash220986 rarity171164 spike74478 twilight sparkle283916 alicorn199745 butterfly6436 dragon48964 earth pony206065 pegasus247538 pony857262 unicorn274158 applejack's hat5712 book30793 cowboy hat13540 cutie mark42288 end of ponies766 farewell43 female1207999 friendship throne685 glasses55251 goggles13174 hat77285 male329641 mane seven5935 mane six29697 mare427248 measuring tape1014 one eye closed26078 open mouth125393 present5311 quill2518 rarity's glasses540 rest in peace313 scroll3149 smiling218326 superman604 the end200 the end is neigh93 throne2844 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116267 wink22066


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Background Pony #6F7C
Anyone else thing that Fluttershy's looks a bit barren with just butterflys? Kinda like crickets chirping after a bad joke. But then again, what else represents fluttershy? Pretty good tribute. And now I am sad.
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Rhythm Of The Rain
Spike's symbol looks like Superman's and I love it.

This is a petty heartwarming piece though, I like it.
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