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Glory has pinned down blackjack for a bit of fun. So blackjack will just now have to play along.
suggestive129447 artist:draymanor57136 derpibooru exclusive24424 oc607415 oc:blackjack2375 oc:morning glory (project horizons)389 pegasus246449 pony854604 unicorn272946 fallout equestria15475 fallout equestria: project horizons2723 bondage30632 bound1518 fanfic art13146 female1181435 gloryjack106 horn47263 horn ring5053 inhibitor ring91 lesbian90399 magic suppression3577 oc x oc13306 shipping184227 this will end in snu snu393


not provided yet


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Conqueror of cuddles
How unbelievably adorable! Been waiting for something like this for ages. Wonder what Glory's up to?~
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