Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 9 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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ok this is gonna get hectic i apology xD base credit is at teh end, All the links ot the ocs will be in toyhouse~ and im starting left to right in rows!
 Row 1
Princess Cadence and Shining armour
Twilight Sparkle and Tempest Shadow
Pinkie pie and Sugar Belle
 Row 2
Prince Blue Blood and Applejack
Applejack And Rara
Fluttershy and ThunderLane
Rarity and Thunderlane
 Row 3
   fav.me/dcjqnjm (oc belongs to jaz)
Rainbow dash and Dumbbell
All characters belong to me, od not trace them
Canon characters taken from here fav.me/dbhcuby and fav.me/dbtuffw
Base Here fav.me/damxalo
safe (1429881)artist:bunmonmon (1)applejack (147936)coloratura (2484)dumbbell (563)fluttershy (184242)pinkie pie (189133)prince blueblood (3551)princess cadance (28123)princess celestia (83685)princess flurry heart (5528)princess luna (88036)rainbow dash (204018)rarity (157727)shining armor (20102)sugar belle (2365)tempest shadow (11277)thunderlane (3476)twilight sparkle (260651)oc (525463)alicorn (163735)pony (698654)bluejack (63)dumbdash (130)family tree (270)female (760628)lesbian (81959)male (258182)offspring (28775)rarajack (183)rarilane (153)shiningcadance (2171)shipping (164604)simple background (291018)straight (109538)sugarpie (19)tempestlight (1300)thundershy (59)transparent background (151954)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102190)


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Other than that, bizarre choices, two divorces, and a miscarriage. This aint a happy family.
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