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A set of chibis I designed for stickers to sell at Galacon, though I ended up not being able to go.
I'll probably try to sell them online sometime.

This is set 1. I definitely want to do more but that will come later.
safe1584861 artist:fluffyxai495 applejack159712 derpy hooves48155 fluttershy199569 owlowiscious1918 pinkie pie204230 rainbow dash220719 rarity170925 starlight glimmer44539 twilight sparkle283549 alicorn199233 butterfly6425 earth pony205273 pegasus246726 pony855207 unicorn273228 apple14891 book30746 bubble4525 chibi13129 clothes414039 cloud27696 cupcake5006 dress40087 flying34710 food62089 glasses55124 jewelry52947 magic66468 mane six29650 muffin6175 music notes2937 pendant1669 rarity's glasses540 sewing558 simple background348460 singing5836 smiling217771 sticker set80 transparent background180876 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116092


not provided yet


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Oh my gosh yes, I was literally just about to say that these need to be stickers. Hope they definitely go on sale online, and soon!
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