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A set of chibis I designed for stickers to sell at Galacon, though I ended up not being able to go.
I’ll probably try to sell them online sometime.

This is set 1. I definitely want to do more but that will come later.
safe (1425138)artist:fluffyxai (409)applejack (147361)derpy hooves (45834)fluttershy (183643)owlowiscious (1816)pinkie pie (188527)rainbow dash (203338)rarity (157144)starlight glimmer (37809)twilight sparkle (259570)alicorn (162537)butterfly (5489)earth pony (147245)pegasus (186982)pony (687931)unicorn (201978)apple (12849)book (26954)bubble (3652)chibi (11145)clothes (354488)cloud (28383)cupcake (4351)dress (34894)flying (29735)food (50850)glasses (46831)jewelry (38777)magic (57249)mane six (26288)muffin (5808)music notes (2515)pendant (1472)rarity's glasses (100)sewing (533)simple background (289802)singing (5167)smiling (182510)sticker set (53)transparent background (151361)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101511)

not provided yet


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Oh my gosh yes, I was literally just about to say that these need to be stickers. Hope they definitely go on sale online, and soon!
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