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semi-grimdark (24455)suggestive (113246)artist:mashoart (366)rainbow dash (204114)zephyr breeze (1793)vampire (2786)equestria girls (159918)absolute cleavage (2300)aura winds (61)big breasts (56532)biting (2810)bitten (6)black underwear (2944)blood (19680)breasts (203999)busty aura winds (43)cleavage (27356)clothes (356166)disembodied hand (2117)equestria guys (820)fangs (17759)hand (6802)huge breasts (25834)impossibly large breasts (12209)offscreen character (24185)panties (41583)rainbow blitz (2003)rule 63 (22753)solo focus (12421)underwear (49685)


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That's him, officer
What happens next: Aura licks her lips in a sultry motion, lapping up the blood in the process before her hunger mixes with her lust
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rainbow blitz: WTF Aura????

Aura Winds: giggles, sorry rainbow, couldn’t resist well at least we can be together forever :)
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