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safe (1411733)artist:hotdiggedydemon (389)edit (95707)scootaloo (45897)animated (83857)bird (5110)chicken (1269)derp (5882)eating (7422)female (745276)filly (49393)food (49871)gif (23435)implied cannibalism (220).mov (999)pegasus (182960)ponies eating meat (702)pony (676719)simple background (286101)transparent background (149632)


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Background Pony #2F26
Nom nom nom! I like a chicken sandwich or chicken fingers crossed for you! Stay out of my KFC! Hamburgers and Bread was the picnic lunch box!
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Background Pony #C207
@Background Pony #C798

It’s just an edited image of Jappleack eating an apple that has a razor in it (and the blood is painted brown). See the source. Oddly I don’t think the original image is on here (I wonder how many other parts of Jappleack are we missing then?)
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