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safe1581011 artist:katakiuchi4u295 sunset shimmer57163 pony849767 unicorn269738 adorable face1287 adorkable3155 cute178993 daaaaaaaaaaaw3141 dork3409 female925554 floppy ears46367 flower22358 freckles25274 hnnng2268 horn45180 katakiuchi4u is trying to murder us2 looking at you145740 mare418057 petals387 shimmerbetes3916 smiling216323 solo977830 sweet dreams fuel819


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Sunset is Best Girl
Why are you so precious?

No seriously, people have talked about how certain members of the mane six are adorable and cute.

Why hasn’t anyone analyzed what qualities make Sunset so lovable. Personally I think it has something to do with her colors.
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