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friendship's a hell of a drug
safe1602799 edit121888 edited screencap58791 screencap209313 amethyst star2370 lyra heartstrings28267 sparkler2220 twilight sparkle286470 pony871192 unicorn279992 friendship is magic2620 season 1530 animated93571 book31223 bridge1067 canterlot5308 female1275094 galloping350 mare433884 mouth hold15805 multeity2089 perfect loop1201 present5333 river1826 road796 running5402 saddle bag5364 silliness1 smiling221638 sparkle sparkle sparkle204 surprised8337 the beginning8 tower394 tree28785 unicorn twilight14085 wat18561 watching1092 waving2644


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