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friendship’s a hell of a drug
safe1770113 edit138023 edited screencap68869 screencap231466 amethyst star2635 lyra heartstrings30256 sparkler2489 twilight sparkle308464 pony1030038 unicorn350644 friendship is magic3053 season 12779 animated101934 book34978 bridge1219 canterlot5901 female1418811 galloping373 loop5469 mare511133 mouth hold18356 multeity2331 perfect loop1513 present6127 river2069 road904 running6238 saddle bag6097 silly7601 smiling266866 sparkle sparkle sparkle249 surprised9737 the beginning8 tower420 tree34161 unicorn twilight19203 wat19595 watching1324 waving3124


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