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What Rarity was REALLY doing when the changelings attacked Canterlot!
questionable109399 semi-grimdark29029 artist:blueblaze95193 rarity177385 oc653730 changeling45005 pony920658 unicorn302894 3d71497 anal vore1034 animated96063 belly27097 burp1852 digestion2729 fetish38050 impossibly large belly9988 large belly1010 raripred365 same size vore479 sound8149 vore13923 webm12192 weight gain3995


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In Treue fest
It seems this drone has learned why changelings fight in swarms. At least the stray drone put up a fight, however ineffective it may have been. All the same, if he couldn't handle himself against a single pony civilian, perhaps he'll be better off as flank fat.

I'm loving the movements of the full gut in this one, as well as Rarity's reactions. Those sustained belches are also quite a delight to behold, as is the drone's steady insertion.

Oh deer lord ♥

This animation is amazing!!
I hope there will be an oral version of this too. It would make one of the best SFW animations ever!
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Rarity is such a lovely pred with a big beautiful belly. I’d love to see her come across more changelings to add to her belly and butt!!
Background Pony #AFDC
Mixed feelings… Rarity converting a changeling into something far more useful and beautiful is awesome, but I always hate belching stuff.