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Luna should be more careful around the dark streets at night, You never know if there's a hungry mare ready to pounce!

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questionable109749 semi-grimdark29102 artist:blueblaze95193 princess luna97309 oc655220 oc:pepper dust215 alicorn215231 pegasus273337 pony922852 3d71656 alicorn prey1 animated96186 belly27167 belly bed2620 burp1872 butt expansion1113 butt freckles1780 death5204 digestion2730 feather5622 fetish38157 freckles27346 growth5456 horseshoes2126 impossibly large belly10006 instant digestion24 large belly1018 oral vore799 pegasus prey1 pony pred11 pony prey5 same size vore479 sound8184 source filmmaker43850 stomach noise2997 vore13947 webm12253 weight gain4058


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In Treue fest
Honestly, Luna never stood a chance. She went from princess of the night to princess sized meal in a matter of seconds.

Pepper is quite a cute pred, it must be said. That smile at the end was especially endearing. I love all the belching as well, particularly whenever she expelled some feathers. It's also quite gratifying to see her consume such a powerful mare.
Duck - Luna is Best Princess

And the living trash finds its rightful place as something finally useful, fat on a real mare's ass, and eventually fertilizer for some plants that are actually worthy of life.