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I've had a strange compulsion to draw ponies lately. I can't really explain why. Maybe I'm in denial about FIM ending. Maybe I'm just desperate to keep these characters relevant. Maybe I'm just blatantly reworking old concepts and drawing them in my current art style to satiate my OCD. Whatever it is, I just feel compelled, possessed even.

Those last two panels are NOT really happening. It's all in Fluttershy's mind. For a long time, I have been searching for a way to visually capture the sensation of fat burning. That probably sounds weird, but it's just part of my weight loss fetish. I love me some sweaty chubby gals, but I have always wanted to illustrate what they are actually FEELING while they work out, and I think I have finally found a way to do that.

So, here is Fluttershy huffing and puffing as her excess butt fat bubbles away like goop in a lava lamp. I am completely aware of how bizarre this is, so rest assured, it won't become a regular thing.
suggestive145616 artist:lordstormcaller120 fluttershy215023 rarity183731 twilight sparkle303305 alicorn228789 pegasus300595 unicorn332996 anthro264970 unguligrade anthro49343 comic:my little black dress2 ass50024 bbw4366 belly29025 big belly11697 big breasts83946 blushing201210 bra16204 breasts283848 busty fluttershy17620 busty rarity13160 busty twilight sparkle12240 butt62441 butter271 chubby13352 chubby twilight156 chubbyshy215 clothes467745 comic110350 dialogue66621 dress45308 exercise695 eyes closed95729 fat22395 fattershy1158 female1382750 food71596 lab coat2223 literal402 obese11720 open mouth150131 overweight379 panties50895 running6055 shorts14235 skirt40416 speech bubble23803 sports bra3306 sports shorts1150 sweat27012 treadmill137 twilard sparkle1364 underwear61713 weight loss91 wide hips17767


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Background Pony #79A0

But can you please make and post some alts of the following: FF, MLBDP2 (Panels 1-3) and FFF (Panel 1) In which Fluttershy's excess butt fat redrawn so it would be bubbling away like goop in a lava lamp?

I just want it to become a regular thing.

In Treue fest
She certainly has her heart set on wearing that dress, doesn't she? One can only hope it'll be worth the effort.

Personally, I'd have recommended a larger dress. After all, why do away with such exquisite portliness?