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“Never hurts to hide a few away in case of emergencies”
Because, you know, nobody would search in those trunks right?
suggestive159738 artist:blues641259 artist:coralleaf32 artist:marauder62721940 applejack180928 rainbow dash249432 earth pony313330 anthro292399 absolute cleavage4272 ammobox24 ammunition212 applebucking thighs2259 applejacked1342 big breasts96060 bikini20688 bikini top2174 boots25916 bra17879 breasts315473 bullet521 busty applejack11637 busty rainbow dash9149 cleavage38345 clothes518871 collaboration5866 cowboy hat19754 cowprint1329 daisy dukes1531 female1501338 freckles33217 front knot midriff1484 gunslinger girl5 hat99492 huge breasts44733 hyper12449 hyper breasts5525 impossibly large breasts19017 jacket14790 midriff20653 muscles14211 question mark5187 sexy34333 shoes44471 shorts15908 stetson5236 stupid sexy applejack798 stupid sexy rainbow dash3387 swimsuit32234 tongue out118379 underwear66682 victoria's secret compartment6 wide hips21166


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Rare bruh
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tbh I have no idea what’s going on here, but it features a beautiful busty applejacked, so it gets an upvote from me