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Rosewhooves stan
@Prince Mainesly
In my opinion the doctor and derpy barely seemed to know each other in the 100th episode. The only time doc and derpy have been in an episode together was actually the 100th one too. But if you look in the background of a bunch of episodes roseluck and doctor Whooves are constantly there together. Also in season 9 there’s an episode where the doctor and roseluck are together and he looks at her rather lovingly and then pulls her closer to him. But this is my opinion and you’re free to ship what you’d like. I don’t want to start a ship war
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Prince Mainesly

SM<3CM 😊😊
I don’t think they were ever close to making that an official ship, have you seen the time and pictures they have put Doctor and Ditzy together… i’m sorry but… Rose and doctor may be good friends but in the show they have barely been seen together.
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@Prince Mainesly


They are reference to BBC doctor who episode where doctor who and his assistant rose are reunited after he left rose in a alternate dimension for her safety and to be reunited with her alternate father (real one died) and doctor who has a human clone to stay with rose (sorry I am a huge doctor who fan)
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