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Goal attained

Equestria Daily’s Artist Training Grounds #9 — Day 30: Draw a pony attaining their goal.
safe1637365 artist:dstears625 twilight sparkle291489 pony902671 unicorn294314 atg 2019691 bad pony122 behaving like a dog1302 blank flank7326 cookie3511 cookie jar333 cute189347 eating9141 evil2723 female1303252 filly62764 filly twilight sparkle2604 food65828 greed113 naughty307 newbie artist training grounds5602 pure unfiltered evil1680 solo1018545 thief340 this will end in a time-out8 this will end in tummy aches18 twiabetes11091 twilight stealing a cookie17 unicorn twilight15236 younger16423


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Background Pony #5F8A
Thus Twilight Sparkle started her destiny to become the greatest cookie thief Equestria has ever seen.
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