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While doing some pet play Crescy's owner decided for him to wear a fancy necklace to see how he would do as a mythical kitty. Unfortunately there were side effects that lead to a need to guard something and challenge people with fun and silly riddles.
Finished transformation commission!
For KnightZero088
OC — > Sphinx
safe1675723 artist:najti29 oc665583 oc only438274 oc:crescent star143 crystal pony4481 pony938488 sphinx1846 unicorn310891 animal costume1960 big eyes1019 cat costume205 cat ears1110 cat hoodie55 cat pose9 cat tail483 catsuit1308 circlet66 claws4930 clothes448611 commission65296 costume26930 crystal unicorn193 cute195240 dressup610 eyes closed90006 fangs24457 glasses60177 grin37048 growth5539 happy30376 high res25328 hood1276 hoodie13634 jewelry60646 kigurumi596 looking at you163039 looking down8470 magic71741 magical artifact43 male362517 necklace17901 neko49 paw gloves118 pawing the ground69 paws4723 shading1766 simple background383432 sissy889 sitting61365 size difference13803 smiling240236 smirk12149 solo1043407 species swap18829 sphinxified135 stallion104783 standing11715 stretching2301 teeth9214 tiara3861 transformation10441 transformation sequence854 transparent background198031 unicorn oc7495 wings100893


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