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A gender swapped wedding between Dusk Shine and Flare Warden With Scootaloo as her adoptive father’s ‘best mare (filly)’ and Spike is the ring bearer.

Requested by: chazkopa on DevaintArt

Flare Warden Base
Base by: MeiMisuki on DevaintArt

Crowns form
Base by: PrincessDeathWish on DevaintArt

Flash’s/Flare’s Cute Mark Crown

Dusk Shine Base
Base by: LR-Studios on DevaintArt

Twilight’s/Dusk’s Cutie Mark

Scootaloo Base
Base by: nibblesgerbil on DevaintArt

Scootaloo’s Cutie Mark Crown

Spike Base
Base by: OtakuChicky1 on DevaintArt

Resource by: MisterAibo on DevaintArt

Background used
Base by: 90Sigma on DevaintArt
safe1639790 artist:turnaboutart150 flash sentry12356 scootaloo50139 spike76669 twilight sparkle291801 alicorn211160 dragon52208 pony905430 adopted offspring1012 alicornified5071 bride317 clothes435824 crown15514 dress42237 dusk shine2300 duskflare24 father and daughter2441 female1305499 filly62893 flare warden251 flashlight2637 flower filly74 flower girl92 flower girl dress72 hat81818 jewelry57226 male351259 mare449971 marriage1187 race swap13623 regalia18160 requested art1282 rule 6325848 scootacorn78 shipping191605 stallion100706 straight130016 suit5474 top hat4002 tuxedo1327 wedding1358 wedding dress1702 winged spike8027


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