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Daughters of Apple Bloom and Tender Taps

Far Left
Name: Jazzy Tart
Nickname: Jazz
Age: 21
Species: earth pony
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Relationship Status: single
Gender: cis mare
Special Talent: singing country music
Job: country singer, apple farmer
Personality: a bit sassy, kind, loyal to her fans, honest
Likes: playing her guitar, sweet tea, making a ponytail with her own mane, country music, her bandana
Dislikes: coffee, liars, techno music
Lives: in Ponyville, but she goes on tour
Voice: Cherami Leigh (the voice of Sailor Venus/Minako From the English Dub of Sailor Moon Crystal)

Near left
Name: Pinova Fritter
Nickname: Pinova
Age: 7
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: cis filly
Future Special Talent: baker, apple farmer
Personality: sassy, a bit tomboyish, honest
Likes: running around, her pet frog named Skippy, wrestling, putting up her mane in pigtails
Dislikes: not having her cutie mark yet, broccoli, bullies
Lives: in Ponyville
Voice: Madeline Peters (scootaloo)

Near Right
Name: Brina
Nickname: none
Age: 5
Species: earth pony
Gender: Cis Filly
Future Special Talent: cider making, harvesting Apples
Personality: smart, kind, honest
Likes: hair bobbles, her sisters, baked goods
Dislikes: broccoli, not being old enough to make cider, bullies
Lives: in Ponyville
Voice: Clair Corlett (sweetie Belle)

Far Right
Name: Rozela
Nickname: Rose
Age: six months
Species: earth pony
Gender: filly
Future Special Talent: gardener, apple farmer
Lives: in Ponyville

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