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Mile High fluttered his wings softly in the crisp evening air as he settled onto the ground in Ponyville just outside of the renowned Carousel Boutique. With his wings nestled back against his sides he took a deep breath, pulling out a letter from a small side satchel he wore to look over its words and confirm the contents one more time before proceeding. It was a letter from Rarity, one of, if not the most fashionable and well known socialites in Equestria, a letter that Mile had never in his life anticipated seeing in his mailbox.

The letter was an invitation of sorts; Rarity introduced herself (though she needed no introduction really), and spoke in wonderful detail of just how much she loved Mile’s books and that she had been inspired by the stories. He was a writer, after all, and such words were a quick way to his heart. His harrowing stories of gothic romance had broad appeal, a fact well demonstrated by the quarterly cheques that his publisher cut him for the royalties from sales across Equestria, but he hadn’t thought they had reached the likes of Rarity. She invited him to her boutique that evening, to discuss her inspiration for a fashion line based upon the characters in his work, and perhaps even to model a piece or two thereof, which was an opportunity Mile just couldn’t pass up, if for no reason other than the chance to hob-nob with the prettiest in mare in Equestria, light blush evident in the reddish fur on his cheeks.

He looked over the date and time, then looked it over again, even checking it against his pocket watch before taking a deep breath and putting his articles back into his satchel. Steeling his nerve, he took a deep breath and mustered himself up to plant a firm three knocks upon the resonant timber of the Boutique’s door.


For agonizing moments he waited, awkwardly gazing between the door and his forehooves at the ground, his attentive ears picking up only the faint evening breeze and the muffled ticks of his watch deep in the folds of his satchel. But the near silence was broken a minute later by the tell-tale sound of hoofsteps approaching beyond the wooden portal, not the heavy ringing steps of a well shod working stallion, no, they were light, delicate sounding, and in a near perfect cadence.

Mile gulped, waiting there for a moment before the click of the latch caught his ears as the well oiled door slid open, revealing before him the radiantly white furred mare, practically glowing in the warm evening light. She smiled gently, looking him up and down from behind a bouncy curl of rich royal blue mane, then greeting him.

“Oh good evening to you darling, I really am glad you could make it.” She said with a giggle.

“A-ah, the pleasure truly mine, Ms. Rarity.” Mile replied bashfully.

“Well… please, do come in!” Rarity said with a flourish, the shimmering glow of her horn opening the door wider as she stepped aside, turning to walk back into the boutique with the stallion closely in tow.

“Thank you.” He says to the invitation to follow, doing his best to keep his eyes from wandering to her flanks as she walked ahead of him, silently thankful that his red fur hid his blush for the most part. He silently kept his will power from outwardly showing any other signs of his interest, trying his best to keep his professional composure in front of one of the very Elements of Harmony.

“So as I mentioned in the letter, I very much am a fan of your work.” Rarity said, leading him across the show floor, trotting past rows of finished dresses all artfully arranged for eager shoppers to peruse upon the next opening of the boutique. “I admit, I have something of a weakness for the genre… I find it inspiring! Nothing like a good romance to spark excellent ideas for haute couture, such that will empassion the elites of Canterlot or Manehattan. For while they may not admit it outwardly…” Rarity pauses, turning to lean in toward Mile’s ear, voice barely over a whisper. “I know their secrets, they love your stories too.”

“Goodness. Well, Ms. Rarity, that’s certainly wonderful to hear, I’ve gotten pretty good reviews from the publishing houses, but I didn’t know they were so popular among the upper crust.” He chuckled softly as Rarity led him up onto the top floor of the boutique, stepping out into a large and rounded room. The setting sun shone lazily through several oval windows, illuminating the sea blue carpet, sewing implements, and a ruby linen bed in the rich warm hues of the evening as the sun sunk rapidly below the horizon.

“Oh but of course! And I really do have some works of my own you can help me with…” Rarity said softly, stopping in the middle of the room with Mile right in the circle made by the ornately ringed carpet. She walked a quick circle around him with a light grin on her face, lifting a delicate forehoof to run it through his red fur from neck to flank, sending a tantalizing shiver through his body. “… that is, if you’re willing.”

“A-ah…” Mile took in a sharp breath, startled by the mare touching his pelt, his heart beating a flutter. “Absolutely, Rarity! Anything I can do to help you!” He nodded rapidly.

“Good.” Rarity grinned almost mischievously. “Then I guess we can get started… stay here for just a moment!” She patted his back with a hoof before she turned and trotted to a nearby desk where an unusual book lay propped up on a stand. With her magic she flipped it open and sifted through the pages, humming a quiet melody to herself as she did.

Mile looked on curiously, his blush deeper than before and undoubtedly obvious even through his red fur. He just couldn’t help himself around the gorgeous mare, feeling like clay to a sculptor as he watched her prepare, not quite sure just what she was doing. He tilted his head lightly as he saw her procure a glistering silver needle from a clamshell box, threading it with a long beige strand from a spool.

“Alright, let’s get to work.” She turned back to Mile with a smirk.

“O-oh, okay! Just what am I helping with here exactly… a dress inspired by my books?” He asks with a quaver in his voice, fluttering his wings briefly in excitement as the mare’s magical hue enveloped him momentarily, sweeping across his body with glittering blue sparkles and filling him with a tingly warm sensation that flowed through him like hot coffee into a mug. He gasped softly as the magic wandered across his more sensitive areas, stirring his stallionhood with a twitch.

“Hit the nail on the head there, darling.” She replied. “A dress, and many other things.”

Mile blinked in confusion as he felt the magical grip tense up around him, holding him firmly still, his eyes locked on Rarity as she rapidly approached him with the needle held aloft. The pulsating thrum of her magical aura around him and the vice grip holding him still wasn’t helping his arousal, which he would have trouble hiding at this point even if he could.

“A-ah… Rarity, don’t you need some like… fabric or something? For this? Forgive me but I don’t quite follow exactly what your pl- … mmnph.” Mile begins, only to find himself hushed by the press of an ivory forehoof against his lips.

“Shhh dear, you don’t need to worry about it, just hold still.” Rarity interjects soothingly.

The magically restrained stallion widened his eyes and gave a sharp whinny as he felt Rarity jam the needle tip into his left shoulder, the wicked point poking into his skin as easily as if it were fabric. And yet, it somehow didn’t hurt! No pain, just the bizarre sensation of thread dragging through the pinched flesh until the tiny knot came to a stop with a light tug from Rarity. She smiled to herself, looping the needle back down to the stallion again, pricking through and pulling the thread to begin a line of stitches. He felt a tingling numbness wherever the needle touched, sensation there becoming duller, drawing his fixated gaze to see his fur starting to smooth down around the stitch, the individual hairs bleaching to beige and seeming to weave themselves together into a tight knit pattern that resembled sturdy canvas, spreading wider with every stitch and forming a stark contrast against his natural red hues.

“Rarity! W-wha… what is this!” Mile squirmed in place, feeling her stretch out his left foreleg as she stitched down its length.

“I’d think it would be obvious. You’re helping me…” She replied nonchalantly, her face turning to a dark grin, a little blush showing on her snowy cheeks. “… and I’m making you mine.”

Mile felt his elbow and wrist lock up as the fabric spread over his red furred limb, pulled outward into a rigid arc, awkwardly stuck out in front of him. In a moment his shoulder seized up too, holding his now fabric encased limb in place as Rarity shifted her attention back up and onto his chest, steadily stitching, bit by excruciating bit along his body. Each stitch seemed to make his heart rush a little faster, blushing bright as he was flushed with inexplicable arousal from the bizarre situation he was finding himself in…

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