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Animation of >>1270170 by 孤傲的巨人
safe1704138 artist:zharkaer80 artist:孤傲的巨人1 pinkie pie215995 earth pony247880 pony965410 animated98494 bittersweet155 breaking the fourth wall932 crying43501 cupcake5398 end of an era38 end of g4102 end of ponies787 feels1564 female1360966 food69959 happy31181 looking at you168162 mare479450 pinkie promise154 rest in peace350 sad24481 series finale blues57 sitting63086 smiling247641 solo1062548 sound8846 talking to viewer2693 the end is neigh96 the ride ends21 webm13310


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After I Watched This….I Now Have Tears In My Eyes

I Will Never Forget About You Pinkie Or All You Wonderful Ponies. You Will All Have A Special Place In My Heart Forever & Ever <3

Memer and adventurer
@Background Pony #40B3
Plus, EQG is only vaguely canon, and there are plenty of stuff in the comics that are canon.
And from a canon sense, we know with certainty that FiM exists as a part of a multiverse, so think of the comics this way. They are canon, just in another aspect of the greater ponyverse.

Memer and adventurer
@Background Pony #40B3
Doesn't really matter, to be fair.
Like, the comics are fun as tartarus, where else are you gonna see Fluttershy get into art, or Luna and Spike solve a crime? It may not be canon to FiM, but it is pony, and I would strongly advise, as someone who only got into the comics a month ago, don't miss out on good G4 fun because you are so attatched to the lore of the show.
Background Pony #8989
Comics arn't cannon

-Twilight's parents raised Spike NOT Twilight
-Shinning Armour never taught Twilight to play OnO
-Sombra was never redeemed

AND SO MANY OTHER THINGS! Comics aren't cannon with MLP:FIM Show.