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Unused idea for Day 29 of EQD’s Artist Training Ground. Prompt - “Draw a pony mixing things up”

safe2041464 artist:bobthedalek1030 princess flurry heart8884 starlight glimmer56823 sunburst8286 trixie76365 alicorn287164 pony1394430 unicorn476139 alternate hairstyle34752 apron5402 atg 2019688 baby bottle889 baby carriage68 bonnet517 booties308 chair10636 clothes582076 eyes closed126473 facehoof1965 highchair157 magic89630 naked apron1248 newbie artist training grounds7424 ponytail23820 robe4533 sunburst's cloak832 telekinesis35806


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Background Pony #B876
I think that what Sunburst is wearing is a reference to an episode of Tom and Jerry called “Baby Puss”.
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Sciencepone of Science!
Trixie must be really powerful if Sunburst couldn’t stop her…
That’s an oddly specific year, and the year WWII ended in Europe I think. This somehow feels connected.
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It was already sketched out yesterday if I’m totally honest. I just knew there wasn’t a chance in hell I’d be able to ink it and finish it at a reasonable hour! ;)
If I had a penny for every time someone messaged me DEMANDING it, I’d probably be in retirement by now! :P