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This filly once again is a good excuse to draw a thing, I have a few things to finish, lots of Aryanne and OC but it’s over 30 and impossible to work, and whenever I decide to work, I feel like going sunbathing so if I draw using real tools I fear I might autocombust, so have a thing, kind of part of a set but this time, wanted to make my own car.

ALSO, there’s a free seat, if you wanna ride, send me a fax or something with your suggestions, which OC or other pone I should add.


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@Background Pony #B365
To answer, Why MSpaint? It’s a strange thing to say but having limits in the tools, or in the medium/software forces a form of challenge, of competitiveness to get everything optimal, and I find this more catchy for the inspiration. Same for the idea of sketching/drawing with traditional tools or pen/markers directly, there is no step back, like you’re strapping solid boosters and go to the point A to the point B with little to no possibilities to go back.
When you have no special effects or anything that gets you to a direction like "I’m gonna add a smooth filter to correct this" "perspective correction on that" "might as well let CS5 correct levels for me" and end distracted by the automatized process of a huge software, useful for productivity, it kind of kills the inspiration and makes redundant the creative aspect of art.
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Background Pony #D44A
I just get it, it’s not a joke or ironical, it’s made using MS-Paint.
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