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I decided to make this because I haven’t uploaded much of my own content lately. Plus, I’ve always loved seeing Sunset without her sarong. We need to see more of this.

One warm day during summer break, on a day where all of her friends are busy with their own things, Sunset Shimmer heads down to the beach for some relaxing, quiet ’alone-time’. After setting up her spot on a nearly desolate area of the beach, she unties her sarong and takes off her sandals. After lying in her chair for an hour, browsing around on her phone and listening to the sounds of the ocean, Sunset suddenly hears a beautiful and mysterious voice on a nearby rock cove singing an unfamiliar yet alluring song. The voice seems to infect Sunset’s mind and completely erase her thoughts and free will, thrusting her into a hypnotic trance and compelling her to head out towards the source. Putting on her snorkeling gear and flippers and leaving her cell phone and geode on her beach chair, the hypnotized Sunset walks into the sparkling blue water and begins swimming towards the rock cove, her entranced mind focused on finding the source of the wonderful song, completely unaware that she is about to enter a lifetime of servitude under her new mistress….
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