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1. Rakdos- Pinkie pie
2. Golagri- Zecora
3. Dimir- Rarity
4. Selesnya- Fluttershy
5. Simic- Lyra
6. Boros- Rainbow Dash
7. Izzet- Starlight Glimmer
8. Gruul- Applejack
9. Orzhov-
10. Azorius-

Ponies as Ravnican guild members! Will complete the whole list soon. What would the flavor text be?
safe (1428843)artist:janji009 (77)applejack (147797)earth pony (148122)pony (697680)angry (20000)armor (18787)barbarian (145)bone (1926)braided tail (772)card game (219)crossover (52980)ear piercing (16875)earring (14340)female (759698)gruul clans (1)high res (17202)horse skull (10)jewelry (39023)magic the gathering (640)mare (334988)necklace (12267)nose piercing (1711)part of a series (1844)part of a set (7112)piercing (28379)ravnica (21)scar (8539)short mane (626)simple background (290688)skull (2260)solo (875764)tattoo (3777)transparent background (151801)


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Background Pony #3578
Yeah, I could see a card that shows her in Gruul colors based on a single moment (call it "Applejack, Spirited Competitor" or something maybe?) but as a member of the Clans, well that’s a whole different level.
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Planeswalker — FoME
… Huh. Not what I would have guessed. Yes, there’s the "close to the earth" and "focus on tradition" aspects, but Applejack’s family helped build a town from the ground up. She comes from a long line of wilderness tamers. And not in the Gruul sense of "Get the giant monster to maul what I want it to."
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