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Spike's Straight Ships >>>>>>>>> Rarijack

(Pd: No offense, but it's just my personal opinion)
safe1615963 artist:georgegarza0143 artist:pony-berserker edits79 edit123089 edited screencap59243 screencap210848 applejack162600 rarity173810 spike75764 dragon50930 equestria girls187619 equestria girls series30238 legend of everfree7708 rollercoaster of friendship2279 spring breakdown2468 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12623 anti-shipping216 applespike775 drake151 equestria girls-ified8898 female1286353 geode of super strength1808 hotline bling145 human spike508 implied lesbian3152 implied rarijack421 implied shipping4561 magical geodes7788 male343904 meme79611 op is a duck4231 op is trying to start shit2756 shipping188369 sparity6362 straight127854 winged spike7840


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Background Pony #D7D7

Rarijack isn't official.

The fact that directors like Rarijack does not mean that it will be canon.
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