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Spike’s Straight Ships >>>>>>>>> Rarijack

(Pd: No offense, but it’s just my personal opinion)
safe (1446678)artist:georgegarza01 (44)artist:pony-berserker edits (71)edit (101542)edited screencap (45724)screencap (178309)applejack (149593)rarity (159452)spike (69494)dragon (39125)equestria girls (162311)equestria girls series (24656)legend of everfree (7084)rollercoaster of friendship (2120)spring breakdown (2003)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (9079)anti-shipping (212)applespike (707)drake (129)equestria girls-ified (7404)female (776194)geode of super strength (1464)hotline bling (98)human spike (354)implied lesbian (2591)implied rarijack (359)implied shipping (3643)magical geodes (5692)male (263407)meme (74117)op is a duck (3873)op is trying to start shit (2580)shipping (166853)sparity (5973)straight (110926)winged spike (5794)

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