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A collab I did with Wyntermoon

He did the lines while I finished with the colors (in show style) using Adobe Illustrator

Here Melly has a single baby, Flurry has octuplets (y’all know it), Beryl has triplets and Bundle has vigintuplets/icosuplets (20 babies)
safe (1428107)artist:wyntermoon (350)princess flurry heart (5520)oc (524698)oc:beryl (discoshy) (28)oc:bundle joy (165)oc:melody aurora (72)hybrid (11801)equestria girls (159512)adult (1992)barefoot (21565)belly (20527)belly button (59665)big belly (6180)collaboration (4051)colored background (74)colorer:ngkq (2)cousins (464)equestria girls-ified (7287)feet (29512)hyper (6502)hyper belly (37)hyper pregnancy (2141)interspecies offspring (5286)multiple pregnancy (179)offspring (28739)older (18417)older flurry heart (609)outie belly button (820)parent:discord (2387)parent:flash sentry (2196)parent:fluttershy (3374)parents:discoshy (755)parents:flashlight (1895)parent:twilight sparkle (6188)pregnant (11128)pregnant equestria girls (238)


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