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Yep. She actually lost the weight. Big Sister had to dish out some tough love, though.

Now, go complain about how I never finish stuff in the comments.
suggestive145314 artist:lordstormcaller120 rainbow dash235994 rarity183454 sweetie belle49356 unicorn331495 anthro264141 unguligrade anthro49215 adorafatty341 beach15325 bikini18487 bikini bottom1079 bikini top1796 blowing whistle153 blushing200681 bra16161 breasts282742 busty rarity13115 busty sweetie belle2133 chubbie belle43 chubby13317 chubby cheeks3830 cleavage35068 clothes466519 coach rainbow dash170 comic110095 crop top bra1028 cute202611 dialogue66430 diet79 exercise695 fast food289 fat22340 female1379654 females only12772 food71370 french fries561 happy31656 jump rope167 my little diet2 need to go on a diet91 need to lose weight98 obese11689 overweight377 panties50805 pink underwear4304 puffy cheeks3902 short shirt1586 smiling253847 sports3720 sports bra3295 sweetie belly221 swimsuit28819 that pony sure does love cookies7 that pony sure does love whistles51 tired3187 underwear61591 weight loss91 whistle1264 whistle necklace438 workout782 workout outfit741


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Background Pony #3627
I'm pretty sure she isn't obese, she just has a large body type and some belly fat.
Background Pony #B24B
keep eating and get as big as possible. ignore your sister forever about your weight