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Fluttershy, Coco Pommel and Marble Pie are having a lunch


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safe1581015 artist:cyanlightning1001 coco pommel5523 fluttershy198853 marble pie6003 earth pony201859 pegasus243254 pony849769 .svg available7512 absurd resolution63792 blushing176590 burger1621 chest fluff32713 chocolate2943 cocobetes607 coffee cup225 cup5584 cute178994 ear fluff23691 eating8757 eclair92 female925557 folded wings4679 food61494 hair1340 hay burger544 holding2541 marblebetes514 mare418058 one eye closed25557 open mouth123867 shyabetes11712 simple background346160 sitting55431 table8270 the council of shy ponies73 transparent background179311 trio7362 trio female1012 vector71104 wings78370 wink21785


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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
the only thing is fluttershy's kind of bleeds into her pupil a little and little marble's eyelashes don't turn that color in the same kind of context (shadow cast by mane) so I thought it was a mistake
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Background Pony #89EC
Not much talking at this table but lots of yummy food and cuddles <3
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