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safe (1442945)artist:bobthedalek (819)princess flurry heart (5609)starlight glimmer (38767)alicorn (166915)pony (711178)unicorn (209448)apron (3359)atg 2019 (713)auntie starlight (13)bags under eyes (1362)clothes (360933)crying (36212)didn't think this through (120)female (772982)filly (51379)highchair (112)instant regret (11)juice (1012)juice box (824)messy mane (5926)newbie artist training grounds (4455)regret (222)screaming (2547)thought bubble (2528)tired (2479)


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Needs more Starburst
Welcome to the joys of (temporary) parenthood Starlight! Now you know what your father had to go through! And on a side note; what I will go through in twelve weeks time…

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