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I managed to finish all the Dungeon Scenery i bought from Mantic and i’m quite happy with the results. Obviously the scenery are for bigger models, since usually medium-sized creatures are 28mm wile the tokens are smaller but still in scale (1:60)
safe1613650 artist:velgarn151 oc625651 oc only417510 donkey1665 earth pony215303 griffon25044 pegasus256587 pony881284 unicorn284426 adventurer76 armor22304 book31476 bookshelf3264 carpet834 craft4270 dungeon893 dungeon crawl5 fantasy424 female1284137 figurine1406 gaming miniature249 jousting lance10 jousting outfit52 library3027 male343060 mare438713 miniature314 papercraft977 pen and paper rpg584 photo76355 rpg1017 saddle bag5399 scenery7497 seeds of harmony34 sword10965 table8506 tabletop game308 token35 weapon28377


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Yes, is 28mm. I bought the Mantic Crate: Adventurers and the Dungeon Debris, and they are obviously for 28mm miniatures. The ponies looks small because they are in scale with a regular human. if we consider that the average human is around 170 cm (5.5 ft) ponies are more around 100 cm (3.2 ft) based on how they appear in the show related to items and ojbects.
The dungeon tiles are from Pwork Wargames
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