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Oh Starlight, are you alright? Let’s help you how to skate… actually I can’t skate well. I suck at any sports but bicycling.
This was on my Patreon work before the tier was gone. If you want to support me on Patreon please go here: www.patreon.com/newyorkx3
safe1769000 artist:newyorkx31313 starlight glimmer50177 unicorn350146 anthro272928 plantigrade anthro35275 accident1304 armpits43532 ass51604 breasts292614 busty starlight glimmer2602 butt81387 clothes482348 fallen42 female1417833 glimmer glutes1637 gym shorts313 legs in air4051 lying down20551 multicolored mane1767 multicolored tail1352 on back25314 purple eyes2746 purple fur87 red socks26 roller skates990 sexy31143 shorts14744 side slit1467 socks69365 solo1107837 stupid sexy starlight glimmer556 tanktop8217 tomboy1168


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Background Pony #BA16
Proven fact: roller skating girls get THICC because their thighs are constantly flexing hard to push yourself forward with more speed as you roll. Take it from a guy who loves jogging occasionally <3