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drawing with several requests done in one on the /mlp/ draw thread a long time ago.
safe1597331 artist:dankflank465 octavia melody22752 princess cadance30743 princess celestia90376 princess flurry heart6498 shining armor21855 smooze822 alicorn202040 earth pony209846 pony867005 unicorn277916 /mlp/9238 baby talk74 bowtie9004 cap3845 derp6371 dialogue60066 dragging244 drawthread2260 drunk4481 faic11527 female1270636 filly60547 hat78129 hoof shoes4405 impossibly large wings172 large wings1440 leash7030 looking at you149305 male337629 marching71 marching cadance1 mare431392 peytral2847 sketch58238 sketch dump2765 spread wings48887 stallion95564 vulgar19452 wings83632


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Background Pony #9276
@Goddess Erosia
Considering who's on that leash it's still a bad idea. When Flurry takes flight Shining is gonna be dragged through the sky with her
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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
I normally think the whole kids-on-a-leash thing is a sign of really neglectful and lazy parents who can't be bothered to pay attention to their kids without a crutch. When your baby can literally fly and YOU can't though, then that changes things…. Especially since she also does magic shit.
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