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drawing with several requests done in one on the /mlp/ draw thread a long time ago.
safe (1410643)artist:dankflank (390)octavia melody (20787)princess cadance (27790)princess celestia (82689)princess flurry heart (5432)shining armor (19854)smooze (795)alicorn (159409)baby talk (65)bowtie (7107)cap (2951)derp (5875)dialogue (49324)dragging (203)drawthread (1383)drunk (3983)earth pony (142854)faic (10170)female (744298)filly (49342)hat (63124)hoof shoes (2628)impossibly large wings (152)large wings (1228)leash (5833)looking at you (118093)male (252237)marching (59)marching cadance (1)mare (326111)/mlp/ (7814)peytral (1526)pony (675976)sketch (52639)sketch dump (2416)spread wings (40227)stallion (70950)unicorn (196558)vulgar (17848)wings (51064)

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Goddess Erosia
please call me mom~<3
I normally think the whole kids-on-a-leash thing is a sign of really neglectful and lazy parents who can’t be bothered to pay attention to their kids without a crutch. When your baby can literally fly and YOU can’t though, then that changes things…. Especially since she also does magic shit.
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