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(No story this time.)

With his promotion to lieutenant, Azure Glide was summoned by Police Chief Iron Cuffs to be congratulated in person. Little did Azure know, Iron Cuffs, back when he was a lieutenant, was the first officer to arrive on the scene of the murder of Azure’s parents. Upon hearing that Azure’s grandparents disowned his parents over their union, Iron Cuffs wanted to take the infant to care for him but his recent divorce left him unable to do so. Thus, he handed Azure off to an orphanage in the hopes that someone would care for him. Years later, he shakes the hand of the one he held in his arms all those years ago.
safe (1430021)artist:heretichesh (417)oc (525560)oc:azure glide (42)oc:iron cuffs (2)oc only (364400)human (130841)equestria girls (159805)baby (7636)beanie (2740)commission (40690)context in description (54)desk (2425)dialogue (50690)flashback (812)handshake (65)hat (64813)infant (26)letter (2523)office (697)police car (183)police officer (540)police uniform (344)starry sky (53)thought bubble (2487)younger (13853)

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Background Pony #AE35
I’m going to play devil’s advocate here and argue that an artist can’t improve if a white knight chases away anyone who says anything negative about him. If you like the artist so much, then respect them enough to acknowledge that they are adults who are capable of seeing people criticize their work, and will use that feedback to improve. You need better feedback than "this is shit" but you’re crippling the person you like so much by telling people to stop being mean.

"there’s more to art than style etc" is exactly how you encourage meritocracy. Acknowledge that there is room to improve and the artist will (if they agree) use the resources at their disposal to improve.
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Fluttershy Lover
Come on, guys, show the artist a little respect. There’s more to art than how simple the art style is and stop being so negative with other people’s OCs, give them a chance.

I for one, find this picture to be very interesting
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